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Eshtehard industrial town, dr. hesabi street west

Omid Alborz Pipe & Profile Factory

Omid Alborz pipe and profile factory was opened at 2004 in Alborz province at eshtehard industrial town.

production lineDaily production capacityProductsCondition
Sheet cutting40 tonsSheetIn operation
Strip cutting200 tonsSheet stripIn operation
1.1/2 inch production line30 tonsPipe - profileIn operation
2 inch production line45 tonsPipe - profileIn operation
3 inch production line60 tonsPipe, profile, coil, flange, shieldIn operation
6 inch production line200 tonsPipe, columnar profileLaunching
Frame production line30 tonsFrench frame, profile Z, guardrailIn operation

Pipe and profile production’s standard :

● Standards 

Kinds of production pipe and profile of this factory has standard national emblem of Iran with information as below :

National standard of Iran(ISIRI)
Product Name (ISIRI)standard number (ISIRI)license number (ISIRI)
Resistance and induction welding steel pipe for use in cars and industrial applications3293907928898 m
Cold-formed and welded hollow sections made of non-alloyed and fine-grained steels17003-1
907931698 m
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Steel profile production’s method :

In Iran’s steel market hollow sections with a constant cross-section along the length calls profile in Iran production’s steel profile with plate’s forming roll method with two direct and indirect method produce.

Direct method: in direct method production technology and arrangement of rollers and plate bending is in a way that forms the plate’s strip from the beginning into the shape of final product and then the two ends of product are welded together and the final product is produced.

In this level steel plate rolls opens in roll opening machine and enter in cutting tape line and according to final production size the width of strips is determined and cut. Then the strips are wrapped again and they are used in coils to continue production.

Forming: cutting strips are welded end to end and enter the cold rolling (roll forming) at forming level strip first forms to pipe.

Induction welding (ERW): in this level to ends of strip has become to pipe form with helping of induction welding (ERW) weld together.

Sizing: in this level produced pipe according to production plan and final product’s form with crossing from 4 to 6 doors and with helping of divers’ rollers become to final product form.

Cutting: In this level produced profiles would cut to the desired length by a saw.

Principles of pricing :

Welding pipe and profiles which produce with roll forming technology they are among the products of the lower layer of the production chain and according to that the main part of their production price depends on steel plate’s price, plate’s price fluctuations has very important role to final product’s price. Other determinant factors of pipe and profile’s price it can be size and dimensions, quality and production technology and plate’s thickness used in profile production, the amount of product supply and demand in the market. tests who has been done at products, standards that it has , location of factory and distance of it from plate’s production’s factory and also distance from customer markets.

Contact with Omid Alborz :

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Eshtehard industrial town , dr.hesabi west street, after khajenasir junction, saba 2 street , omid alborz pipe and profile.

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