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Producer of 6 to 300 Mic foil
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Foils for the food industry

  • ◉ Disposable foil containers
  • ◉ Printable and laminable foils for the production of sachets and beverage packaging
  • ◉ Printable foils for packing butter, cheese, cigarettes and chocolate
  • ◉ Printable foils for yogurt lids, cheese lids, glass beverage can lids, ice cream lids, etc.
  • ◉ Printable foils for packing dry food such as tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate
  • ◉ General foils for use in packing all kinds of sandwiches and cooking, and other household uses

Foils for health and pharmaceutical industries

  • ◉ Foil for the lid of toothpaste, ointments, softening creams, hygiene gels
  • ◉ Syrup glass lid foil (bottle lid foil)
  • ◉ Foil packaging for tablets and capsules (blister)
  • ◉ Foil packaging for alcohol pads and wet wipes

Foils for ventilation, electrical, telecommunications

  • ◉ Foil for the production of ventilation fins
  • ◉ Foil for producing the body of industrial air filters
  • ◉ Foil for use in cooling radiators
  • ◉ Foil for use in electrical and lighting industries and cable making
  • ◉ Foil for use in energy industries (solar panels, etc.)
  • ◉ Foil for telecommunication industries, including satellite construction
  • ◉ Foil for thermal protection and radiation penetration control of telecommunication systems

Foils for insulation production industries

  • ◉ Foil for outer covering of Isogam insulations
  • ◉ Foil for the production of Aluminium insulation coated with different layers of bitumen, adhesive, adhesive foam, etc.
  • ◉ Foil for outer covering of glass wool, stone wool and Unoliti insulation
  • ◉ Foil for the outer coating of high heat resistant firefighting clothing
  • ◉ Foil for outer covering of anti-heat clothing used in various industries such as melting and casting furnaces
  • ◉ Foil to cover Aluminium insulation against harmful rays
  • ◉ Foil for general applications as protection in gases, industrial kitchens and industrial ovens

Sheets and coils for various industries

  • ◉ Aluminium sheet for the internal bodies of industrial refrigerators and refrigerated vehicles for transporting perishable materials
  • ◉ Car, plane, train and ship body sheet
  • ◉ Aluminium ribbed sheet for the floor of buses and trains and edge of platforms
  • ◉ Aluminium sheet for the production of license plates
  • ◉ Aluminium sheet for production of traffic signs
  • ◉ Aluminium sheet for producing aluminium cookware

Structural foils

  • ◉ Used foils as building facades / spaces inside the building and modern ceiling.
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