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Iran, yazd province, taft city dehshir area

Foolad dehshir industrial and productive complex

Foolad dehshir industrial and productive complex at 2004 in a land with 50000 square meters and about 9000 meters indoor space has been 2020 this productive unit has been purchased by Rostami brothers (Akbar, Mohammad, Masoud) who have experience and high resume in steel field. New managing of this productive unit with slogan improves quality, product and employment, all basis foundations of this factory has been revolute and executed these activities:

  • Basis repairing and updating completely of furnaces.
  • Repairs and updating of two lines of produce hot rolling sections and developing produce able products’ basket.
  • Increasing the nominal capacity of the factory to 250 thousand tons annually.
  • Repairs, developing and improvement of office spaces.
  • Improvement of manufactured products.
  • Development of human resources quality and the use of expert and experienced personnel. Setting up technical and engineering units, quality control, human resources produce planning, repairs, repairs and holding HSE security and etc.
  • Development of human resources quality, the number of employees at less than one year from 10 people to more than 70 people increased and it is anticipated with complete setting up of produce lines for 200 people directly create employment and for 200 people indirectly create employment.
  • In recruiting human resources, we have tried to use local capacities as much as possible and improve local employment.
  • Increasing produce capacity and increasing licenses to use energy carriers such as electricity, water, and gas.

Important features of dehshir complex

  • Quality guarantee and products health.
  • Trust worthiness and adherence to professional ethics in production, packaging, loading and weighing.
  • No discrepancy in the weight and quality of the product sent with the issued invoice.
  • Issuance of official invoices at the request of buyers.
  • Diversity in production products’ basket.
  • Possibility of export suitable light products production.
  • Produce of products in length of 6 and 12 meters.
  • Having a standard national badge of products quality.
  • Using the committed expert and young and compassionate human sources.
  • Adherence to social responsibility of company in the field of social effects, economics, cultural, environment.

Foolad dehshir industrial and productive complex

First material to produce corner and gutter

In foolad dehsir industrial and productive complex use steel ingot with chemical analyze 3sp or 4sp with surface sections dimensions 125*125 0r 130*130 or 150*150 mm. with length 3,6 and 12 meters. The needed ingot is buying from valid factories which produce ingots and receive license of ingot analyze from producer and visual quality of ingot research by quality control unit and then license of using ingot in production line issues. Geographic location of this productive complex has possibility to reach first materials and transportation production products with low expense.

Kinds of corner and gutter production method

First ingots in length 3 meters cuts and for using in furnace closes to entrance depo furnace charge’s door. Ingots regularly enter to furnace and will hot to about 1300 Celsius.

After ingots hot close to 1300 Celsius they come out in turn from furnace and enter to rolling line exits ingots by conveyer belt direct to roughing stand and roller stands.

Ingot after arrive to first stand, 3 times cross from rollers. With each time crossing ingot from rollers under pressure and stretch which roller to hot rolling enters, form and length of rolling ingot change and they almost close to final product’s form. after ingot crosses from roughing stand and triple roller, continuously cross from 6 stands until to get the last form of product.

Rolling ingot that who got its’ final visual form and length of it reach to 42 to 48 by conveyor belt direct cutting saw.

In this level approximate temperature of rolling products is almost 600 to 700 Celsius decreases.

The distance of last stand to first saw in cutting table is about 100 meters and in transportation of product to cutting visually loss redness caused by heat.

In cutting table according to kinds of customers orders and production plan, produced product with length 6- or 12-meters cuts and cutting product in the cooling table, it is slowly guided by the conveyor belt to the conveyor belt of the ironing machine and then to the packaging section, in ironing machine final product forms and visually the twisting of the lateral swing or any unevenness is corrected after confirmation of quality control expert would ready to packaging.

Production products packaging is done in this level and it is fastened in bundles with an approximate weight of 4200 kilos by steel strips.

Dehshir Steel Factory




Iran, yazd province, taft city dehshir area , kilometer 2 road of dehshir abar kuh.

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