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Omid Alborz History

In 1963, Alireza Rostami founded a business that you know as Omid Alborz Steel and Aluminium Complex now. In 2004, Alireza's sons added a new chapter in their family business in the field of steel by purchasing the Omid Alborz Pipe and Profile Factory located in Eshtehard Industrial Town and entered the field of production in addition to trading and cutting.

In the following years, the production area was developed, and in 2018, the hot rolling factory of Dehshir Steel and in 2019, the aluminium foil and sheet production factory were added to the production capacities of this complex. Honesty and customer orientation are part of the organizational culture of this group and its founders have always adhered to these principles since the beginning of their activity and have forced all their colleagues and human resources to implement them. Omid Alborz is currently active in steel and aluminium industries. In the steel sector, it produces pipes and profiles, LNP and UNP. In the aluminium sector, it produces aluminium sheets and foils with thicknesses of 0.006 to 10 mm and supplies its products in Iran and export markets.


Omid Alborz at the moment is known as a sample of producer in throughout of Iran in field of produce many kinds of productions of steel profile and pipe, hot rolling productions of corner and gutter and belt and kinds of aluminium foil and plate from 6 µic to 10 mm thickness and could export it’s productions to neighbor countries in middle east area.

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Omid Alborz in one view

Omid Alborz complex at the moment has many locations and work units:

  • Omid Alborz pipe and profile factory located in Eshtehard industrial town, karaj, Alborz province, Iran
  • Omid Alborz Aluminium complex located in Eshtehard industrial town, karaj, Alborz province, Iran
  • Dehshir steel industrial and production complex – 20 kilometers Taft Road, Abarkuh, Dehshir city, Yazd province, Iran
  • Parsian service center located in 60 meters of shurabad – old road Qom to Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  • The central office of Omid Alborz steel and aluminium complex – Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran

Organizational values

Omid Alborz considers maintaining the satisfaction of its employees, customers, suppliers, colleagues and other stakeholders as its most valuable asset, and in order to maintain these assets, it considers it necessary to comply with the following principles as its organizational charter:

  • Omid Alborz believes that the first thing that our customers should understand in relation to us is that they are facing a group as a team, all of whose members are trying to make this group grow and reach its goals.
  • Omid Alborz is always trying to achieve customer satisfaction by continuously improving the quality, variety of products and services.
  • We believe that success cannot be achieved except by using the two elements of knowledge and experience, and we try to improve the quality level of the organization by continuously training human resources and benefiting from our organizational experience.
  • We believe that selling products and providing services is not the end of the relationship with our customers, but it is only the beginning of a long-term cooperation that will provide the interests of both parties.
  • We believe that customers should enjoy our unbiased technical advice even if this advice does not lead to buying products or receiving services from us.
  • We will try to protect the financial interests, credit, brand and reputation of our customers as well as our interests and our brand.
  • We will always try to offer better prices to customers by improving processes and reducing production costs.
  • Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement are our ideals in business.
  • Self-respect, respect for competitors and all fellow colleagues are part of the main beliefs of Omid Alborz.
  • Honesty and credibility are valuable assets that take years to acquire and can be spent in a fraction of a minute. Our belief is that no more valuable capital can be found, so we will never spend this capital.
  • Omid Alborz Company believes in the need to preserve the environment as one of the components of sustainable development and considers environmental protection and reduction of industrial pollution as part of its social responsibility.
  • Omid Alborz has always tried to be with the victims in crises such as natural disasters and the corona epidemic and poverty and try to reduce some of the human sufferings even if this help is very small.
  • Omid Alborz tries to take a practical step in protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper.

The CEO of Omid Alborz Group is committed to ensure that these values ​​are available to all the interested groups of this company and to provide all the necessary resources for its implementation. He also expects his dear colleagues to make the implementation of these values ​​one of their primary goals.

Omid Alborz's goals

  • Development of variety and quality of products
  • Increasing production capacity
  • Development of production capacities based on knowledge and advanced technologies along with localization of knowledge and technologies
  • Eliminating middlemen and selling products directly from the factory as soon as possible and obtaining maximum customer satisfaction
  • Developing foreign trade and increasing exports
  • Providing specialized advice needed by customers in the field of steel and aluminium products
  • Developing employment and entrepreneurship and creating a suitable and reliable platform for the growth and flourishing of the potential of specialized human forces
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