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  • LNP (Corner or Angel Bar) and UNP produce via this complex with hot rolling mill method and “Foolad Dehshir “ brand. raw material used to produce these sections from quality ingots and standard 3sp with square cross surface 125*125 to 150*150.

    Location of this factory located in Centre of Iran and because of this reason to most points of Iran and export markets of Middle East , CIS and also Persian Gulf countries it has good access.

Steel Pipe & Profile

  • Omid Alborz pipe and profile factory located in Eshtehard industrial town in Alborz province and as one of the authentic brands, many kinds of steel pipe and profile produces with the method of roll forming and welding (ERW).

    Raw material used to produce these sections, according to customers’ order many kinds hot plates high quality with standard st37 in thickness 1.8, 2, 2.35, 2.5 and 3mm. The possibilities of export for these products from Iran to Middle East and CIS is prepared.

Steel Coil & Sheet

This company has the possibility of supplying all kinds of steel sheets from thickness 2 to 200 mm with st52 and st37 alloys. 

Also, this company has the ability to sell all kinds of sheets with the customer’s desired dimensions according to the order due to having advanced transverse cutting and laser cutting machines.

Steel Beam

  • A beam is one of the long steel sections that has wide applications in metal structures, oil and gas industries, shed construction, and also the construction of foundations for industrial machines. Due to the various applications of this steel section, it is produced in various alloys and sizes and shapes and with different standards. Beams are generally divided into 4 categories: IPE, IPB, INP and CPE.

    IPB or H beam is one of the most important categories of beams that are widely used in heavy structures, residential and office towers, shed construction, oil and gas industries. H beams are produced in two types, light (HEA) and heavy (HEB).

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